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Happy June and Happy Summer!

School's out down here in central Florida and our swim suits and flip flops are on daily. Best thing about summer is sleeping in--not me, my kids. No lunches to make for school, no rushing around with carpool ... just bright, relaxing mornings with coffee and my laptop.

Since it's first Wednesday of the month, it's also a time when writers around the globe come together and share wisdom and insecurities. Click on the pic to get to IWSG HQ and join in if you want, or check out the other writer posts.

I'll get to the topic of Gratitude & Responsibility in a moment. First off, we're discussing the writer's pause. What does that mean? It's when we set aside whatever draft we've been working on in order to get some space and perspective.

This month's question at IWSG is how long?

The answer will be different for each of us, as there is no set rule. For me, it varies. I usually take a good month long pause whenever possible, after I've cleaned up my messy first draft a little and made sure the big picture is at least cohesive. I've found it absolutely necessary in helping me see issues.

Speaking of issues, none of us are exempt or protected from the happenings going on in our communities and the world. My kids are getting older--16 and 14--and I find myself wanting to reach them on a level they understand, which in this day and age, is social media. And I figured if my kids need to hear it, others probably do too, so I've begun a series of videos called Gratitude & Responsibility dedicated to my kids, and to anyone who might find them useful.

You can find a new one here every Wednesday. Brief, thoughtful snippets on how we can better process the world and its issues through gratitude and personal responsibility.

And yup, I got old!

In other news, I finished my screenwriting class and have written my first ever screenplay for a TV pilot. I'm feeling pretty stoked about that. I still have editing to do, and hopefully get some feedback, and then maybe I'll start pitching. Who knows! I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I caught on. It's an insanely competitive field, but so is everything else. #protip: FinalDraft is a must.

How about you? Do you ever take a writerly pause? Have you ever tried screenwriting? What is something you're grateful for?

I'm grateful for your attention to this post.

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