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Thanks for stopping by Writer's Wednesday and the IWSG blog post of the month. Today we're discussing taking risks in writing--one of my fave topics. And I'm super excited to help host. Please say hello to my co-hosts:

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Taking risks. Gee ya know, I don't think there is any other way. I may be guilty of trying too many styles, because I tend to get bored doing the same old same old. And when it comes to writing controversy--ABSOLUTELY! It seems like everything these days is controversial, so at some point the only choice left is to embrace it and make your point.

In our cancel culture it's becoming less and less safe to write controversy, unless the mob agrees with you, so hats off to any of you who go against the grain to explore different topics. You have balls of stone. What's interesting is that even though some topics may create controversy, writing and reading about them is how we think critically and expand our minds.

I tend to learn something important each time I take a risk and write controversial. Either I learn through my character's bad choices, or I learn that maybe things aren't as cut and dry as I assumed them to be.

How about you? Do you read and write controversial?

Speaking of risks, storytelling is one thing, but what about publishing? I took a risk when I indie pubbed in 2013. I haven't pubbed anything recent, but I'm looking at something innovative. I've also continued to pursue traditional publishing on the side.

I just finished Pitch Wars with a young adult title, A Wicked Thought, via Pen Name. It was quite the intense experience, but mine was not one of the hot titles. I still highly recommend the program as it's very organized and professional, and the agent showcase is a hoot. I just finished revising my millennial rom-com, Flight Club, for the umpteenth time. I've also signed up to take my first screenwriter's workshop, as I think I may be better suited for that medium. Never know unless we try, right?

Tell me in the comments what the most controversial theme is you've explored in your writing. For me, active shooter, own voices exploiting, sex scandals while on duty, teenage torture. (lol these make me sound really horrible, but I promise they're all entirely fiction and I've learned so much with each.)

Also, I'd love to network with any other screenwriters out there. Please let me know. I'm on Stage 32.

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