Happy November! I'm so ecstatic to be back blogging again, and none other than with my old writer friends from IWSG. First Wednesday of the month writers around the globe post and network to lift each other up and share a virtual fistbump or high-five.

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I'm really stoked to get back into blogging. I was an avid blogger eight or nine years ago, and IWSG was like a virtual commune of creatives I felt right at home with. However, life's path often meanders, and I'm just the kind of free spirit that follows it (or is it my ADD kicking in? Squirrel!) Either way, I had to eliminate some things from my life to make it more streamline, and blogging was one of them. But I've missed it ever since, mainly, the people. No other group really filled that void like IWSG.

So enough history, I'm glad to be back. I hope to blog twice a month. Next time, more on what I've been doing all this time. Today, let's chat on why I write. Other writers will be answering this question as well.

Albert Camus once said, "The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.” Flannery O’Conner said, “I write to discover what I know.”

I agree with both statements. I'll expand what O'Connor said, by including that if I don't know it, I learn it. So for me personally, I write to discover. Discover what I already know, and research and investigate what I crave more knowledge of. This is why I tend to genre hop, which is kind of a no-no in publishing. And prolly why my books are only New Yore Times' bestsellers and not New York Times bestsellers.

But seriously, as I grow, my mind and soul yearn for answers--why the world is like it is, why do people do the things they do, how did we get so screwed up? These questions lead to scenarios, which become plots, and later characters are crafted to live them out. With each story I tell, I experience the plot with them and get to be someone I'm not. That's why I read as well, to see the world through someone else's lenses. This may be the single hardest element of storytelling in the 21st century--devising a character (likable or not) who delivers an intriguing worldview and perspective that allows the reader to experience the story. It's also the secret to voice. Voice is that hard-to-nail-down element that everyone wants but no one can really describe. Plenty of have tried, and there are way more advanced writers than me who do a much better job of it, but in a nutshell, it's what will make or break a reader from the first page. Show the world through words, but do it in a way that has people shaking their heads saying, "What a great way of saying that!"

Look at me digressing already. Ahem, sorry about that.

The biggest question a writer can ask is, "WHAT IF??" And that's why I write--to find out. But also, because I absolutely love writing. The creative zone, the imagination, the character arcs, the emotion. It gives me so much satisfaction.

To get you up to speed on my status, I indie pubbed a few titles and my Amazon page is HERE. I haven't published anything recently, (been through two agents of which nothing came from) and now I'm back to embracing the indie life. I have four novels (all different and stand alone) that I'm revising and ready to publish next year. I can't wait to share them with you. Each one asks some serious What If questions:

FLIGHT CLUB - What if an airline let passengers rate crew in real time on an app, and what if a secret group of flight attendants figured out a way to cheat the system by forming a club with explicit rules for achieving high ratings?

CRUEL - What if a high school girl's mental health took a turn for the worse and no one noticed her enough to care until it was too late? Who would suffer more--her, or the classmates she assaulted?

A WICKED THOUGHT - What if an aspiring artist stumbled onto a strange bohemian commune living the life of total artistic freedom underground in a Transylvanian village? What if the commune convinced the artist they held the secret to endless muse, and what if that muse came at a supernatural price?

FIONA WOOD - What if a middle-class white Christian mom and wife, and aspiring novelist made up a pen name and pretended to be a young feminist LGBTQ author to cash in on the Own Voices movement and get a book deal? What would happen when her fans found out the truth?

Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm really looking forward to re-connecting with old writer friends and getting to know new ones. Drop me a line or two in the comments and let me know why you write, or why you haven't started. Or if you're here for another reason, be sure to let me know so I can respond. EVERY reader here matters and won't be taken for granted.

Don't forget to check out the other writers and make some new friends! By the way, if you're on AltSpace, let me know. I'm having a blast there on VR. My handle is pk.hrezo

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