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Happy December! If you're American, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. My family and I traveled north to see Hubby's mom and had some nice cool weather that made the season feel just right. Oh, and lots of good food.

Now we're back in central FLA and back in the heat. But I'm anxious to get into the swing of things as there is much to do these next few weeks.

Today's thought provoking question from the IWSG team is this:

Are there months or times when you're more productive than others when it comes to writing. Why or why not?

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For me, as a writer, I feel like all time spent actually drafting and revising, as well as observing and absorbing, counts as being productive. So there is never a time when I feel unproductive. All of it fits together in balancing out a writer's inspiration, imagination, intuition, and innovation. (Wow that's a lot of Is!)

Hey at this stage in my writerly life, I know how to romance my muse and when to let it take over. It's all a balance because all of that inspiration only goes so far if I'm not taking action and writing. Likewise, if I'm always writing and never expanding my imaginary arsenal through books and films and nature and people, then I'm missing out on vital ingredients to make my stories special.

After it's all said and done, I crank out 1 - 2 stories a year. Many writers who've been at it as long as me have made a viable career out of writing. I'm not there yet, and that's okay, because life has taken me on the scenic route. But all of that is important because it's my path and journey, and it only adds more depth to what I create next.

How about you? How do you feel toward your own creative productivity?

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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