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FLIGHT CLUB is for lovers, not fighters.

What if a sleek new airline allowed passengers to review crew in real time on an app, and what if those ratings earned crew better routes and higher pay and bonuses? What if some flight attendants formed a secret group that gamed the system? Would risking your job be worth the money, travel, and hotties? Up in the air, the ground rules don't apply.


What if a middle class, middle-aged, straight white Christian mom of three and struggling writer posed as a single young LGBTQ feminist under a pen name? What if she did it because the only way she could sell her work was to cash in on the #OwnVoices label with a young adult LGBTQ novel, which sells to a NYC publisher for an enormous advance? What if all her new fans called her out on Twitter after learning her real identity? This contemporary upmarket novel explores and contrasts modern day ideals with more orthodox beliefs and will have you questioning everything you've ever believed.


What if the girl no one ever noticed made sure no one ever forgot her? A troubled girl's decline into violence in an active shooter tragedy. This contemporary thriller is told in first person from the shooter's point of view and is for upper young adults and adults. TRIGGER WARNING: school shooting, mental health, active violence.

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